A Dumping Ground


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Cherbourg settlement was a home to many. But it was never the haven the Queensland government intended. By the end of the 19th century, at the height of Queensland’s Aboriginal protectionist-policy practice, the idea of establishing two government-controlled Aboriginal reserves at either end of the state was nearing realisation. The reserve established in Queensland’s south began as Barambah in 1901 and was later renamed Cherbourg. Variously described as bold, well meaning and misguided, it was a social experiment in institutional control that was to impact on the lives of thousands of Aboriginal families in ways that continue to this day.In this revealing, first-ever publication on Cherbourg Settlement’s history 1900-1940, Thom Blake adds the vital dimension of interviews with former residents. Supported by maps, archival documents and letters, this book illustrates an Aboriginal reserve’s evolution under government practice. It also explores the dynamics of cultural resilience through the generations.

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