A Love Noire


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When Noire, a hip, Afro-wearing Ph.D. student, walks into Brown Betty Books, her righteousness kicks in to overdrive amid the self-identified “talented tenth” who wear their double degrees and five-hundred-dollar shoes like badges of honor. And then Innocent, a well-heeled investment banker from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, walks in and turns her on her head. Innocent seems interested in her — but he’s one of them.

Before meeting him, Noire shunned the “bourgie” world of black-moneyed cosmopolitans like Innocent, opting instead for socially conscious (but economically challenged) artists and urban intellectuals. Their mutual attraction blossoms into lust — and eventually love — but it lives in the shifting sands of personal beliefs and professional ambitions that are often at odds.

Set in New York City with jaunts to Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, A Love Noire is the story of an unlikely couple that transcends all they’ve known to learn the redemptive power of love.

“Anyone looking to add a litte spice to their vacations should pick up…A Love Noire…an intelligent romance.” “Splendid.…[It] offers hope that a new class of black fiction will take root.” “A funny, analytical novel. . . . . ” “Turnipseed’s voice is strong and confident. Frank dialogue and a fierce intelligence make this a vibrant, engaging debut.” “This tumultuous emotional journey ultimately offers a deeper understanding of love and loss.” “Enthralling . . . An intelligently written, brazenly breezy blissful tale . . . Brilliant . . . A winner, a triumph.” “An assured debut . . . . A Love Noire explores the intricacies . . . with vibrancy and grace.” “What a gorgeous debut novel! The writing is witty, breezy, and sophisticated.” “Sizzling and sophisticated . . . a provocative, thoughtful love story. . . . A gem.” “A Love Noire is sexy, sophisticated and soulful; a sizzling summer read.” “A Love Noire pulsates with depth and consciousness.” “Page-turning prose as lush as cashmere sweats and as titillating as your favorite stilettos. “A captivating love story . . . a first-class novel . . . A great read!” “A refreshing glimpse of love in all its glorious shades of blackness. . . . a smart, sexy, impressive debut.” “A juicy tale of love and manners in the modern Diaspora. Sharp and entertaining.”

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