Challenging Nature

Challenging Nature


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Stem cell research, genetically modified crops, animals developed with personalized human organs for transplantation, and other previously inconceivable biotech applications could increase the quality of all human lives and maximize the health of the biosphere. But ironically, as the science becomes more precise and transparent, it also becomes more contentious. In Challenging Nature, Silver argues that although they seem to have little in common, Christian fundamentalists opposed to embryo research and New Age organic food devotees are both driven by a deeply rooted fear that biotechnology—in some guise—challenges the sovereignty of a higher or deeper transcendent authority. In the short term, Silver writes, Eastern spiritual traditions will give Asian countries a research advantage. But over the millennia, human nature may have the potential to remake Mother Nature in the image of an idealized world.

“A valuable exposition of the rationalist’s view of the world…He argues eloquently…sound of a battle that will continue.” “Uplifting…His critics will be begging for equal time, and readers may find themselves alternately cheering or arguing…Highly recommended. Silver’s provocative ideas and his graceful prose open new avenues for discussion of the challenges that face science and spirituality.” “This one will make you think, perhaps in realms you’ve avoided. It’s probably worth the effort.” “Lucid and sensible…definitely worth reading and will likely challenge your preconceived notions of what biotechnology is and offers.” “A clearly written, trenchant defense of biotechnology…wise, realistic…a well-crafted argument.”

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