Consuming Media

Consuming Media


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Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s classical Arcades Project, Consuming Media is a pioneering exploration of the interface between communication, shopping and everyday life. Based on a six-year study by over a dozen scholars on a specific site, it analyses the links between power, media and consumption in contemporary urban culture.Illustrated with rich ethnographic detail, Consuming Media scrutinises four main media circuits – print media, media images, sound and motion, and hardware machines – to assess how media texts and technologies are selected, purchased and used.Exploring the relations between different media, the nature of cultural citizenship and the power relations of public space, Consuming Media presents an ethnography of globalisation and develops a new approach to understanding media consumption.

Locating Media Practices * Consumption and Communication * Print Media * Media Images * Sound and Motion * Hardware Machines * Intermedial Crossings * Layers of Time * Translocal Spaces * Communicative Power.

Johan Fornäs is Professor in Culture Studies at Linköping University, Director of the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden and author of Digital Borderlands.
Karin Becker is Professor in Journalism at Stockholm University and in Culture Studies at Linköping University and author of Dorothea Lange and the Documentary Tradition.
Erling Bjurström is Professor in Culture Studies at Linköping University and author of Children and Television Advertising.
Hillevi Ganetz is Associate Professor in Gender Studies at Uppsala University.

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