Families of the Vine

Families of the Vine


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Author Michael Sanders spent two years in the vineyards of southwest France with three families whose destinies are determined each year, every year, by the soil, the weather, and the quality of the grape, and shared with them the hopes of spring, the anguish of summer drought, and the mad rush of the fall harvest. In Families of the Vine, he offers a vivid, heartfelt portrait of these authentic winemakers in a fascinating, intensely human saga of strength, dedication, and savoir faire. Though their wines may differ, they all share a powerful, uncompromising passion for the timeless craft that defines them.

“Sanders’s book brings contemporary winemaking in France to life….Absorbing and informative.” “A refreshing portrait of wine.” “Solid, affectionate portrait….Sanders succeeds in showing us that a knowledge of wine…takes firsthand experience and time.

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