For Better or Hearse

For Better or Hearse


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Wedding planner extraordinaire Annabelle Archer is used to dealing with difficult personalities — neurotic brides, despotic mothers, and prima donna bridesmaids. However, being chased from a swank hotel kitchen at knifepoint by a shrieking Chef Henri takes the cake. Soon after, Washington’s most thoroughly despised culinary artist is discovered dead, impaled on an ice sculpture — a crime which surprises no one, since revenge is, after all, a dish best served cold.

Unfortunately, the police think the hotel’s sometimes temperamental but always stylish catering exec (and Annabelle’s good friend) Georgia Rhodes did Henri in — so the planner and her posse set out to put the real murderer on ice. But when the corpse of a rival culinarian turns up in a walk-in freezer — and more nasty chef-deaths quickly follow — the suspect list suddenly shrinks . . . as do Annabelle and her cronies’ chances for survival, if they get caught poking around in a killer’s kitchen.

>hrhrhrhr<“[W}itty characters and murder amidst matrimony are a match made in mystery heaven…absolutely unforgettable.”

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