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Lauren Peterson has a brand new life, but no idea what to do with it.
After calling off her engagement, she’s single for the first time in years and ready to take on the world. Instead, she discovers that starting over isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
When a spinster aunt she barely remembers bequeaths her a house in Portland, Oregon, Lauren intends to fix it up and flip it for a tidy profit. However, her big mouth (which is always a step ahead of her brain) has other ideas, and before she knows it, she’s moving in.
As Lauren takes on the task of making the house into home, she discovers plenty of surprises and colorful neighbors to shake things up. From faulty wiring and a new sinkhole in the living room, to the salty curmudgeon next door, Lauren’s new life is heading in unexpected directions. Her friends and family think she’s making a grave mistake, but for the first time ever, it might not be Lauren’s mouth, but her heart that will finally come out ahead.

Lauren Peterson’s big mouth has always been a step ahead of her brain, and
lately it’s causing nothing but trouble. A fun and heartwarming novel from the author of sMothering

Wendy French is the author of the acclaimed novels sMothering, Going Coastal, and After the Rice. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in Portland, Oregon.

“What makes After the Rice both entertaining and thought-provoking is French’s great comic ear for dialogue, her snappy prose, and her knack for turning a comedy of errors into something really poignant.” —Seattle Times“The humor of family life is well balanced with the pain that always accompanies it. Megan’s problem is believable, and the heavy issues addressed with wit and sharp, true observations.” —Romantic Times BookReviews on After the Rice“French manages to make bizarre situations seem plausible, and her strong suit lies in the characters. Although Jody is discouraged, she remains sympathetic, and readers will be delighted when she turns her life around.” —Booklist on Going Coastal

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