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Guns are a fact of life for young people growing up in the United States. They are present in homes — for protection, sport, and hunting. Guns are also on the street — for defense and security, and in gang-related uses. Guns can cause accidents, injuries, and deaths, while they can also nurture self-esteem, bolster confidence, and foster athletic abilities.

The impact of guns is life changing and undoubtedly twofold.

In a series of evocative and stirring interviews and photographs, S. Beth Atkin presents an array of young people who candidly share the mixed consequences of guns in their lives. Told in their own voices, these are their remarkable stories.

“Excellent for classroom discussion as teens seek to extract fact from opinion…Buy more than one copy; you’ll need backup.” “For students involved in the debate about guns in our culture as well as for those with a general interest…” “A thoughtful and worthy effort that takes both issue and readership seriously.” “Atkin presents a balanced view of the pros and cons and allows readers to come to their own conclusions.” “Exceptional…The book is more than a resource, it’s also a page–turning read in its own right.”

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