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Hunter Killer


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Thriller master and New York Times bestselling author Patrick Robinson presents a startling if all-too-real scenario that pits the United States against France and Saudi Arabia

Always on the cutting edge of global political and military events, Robinson offers his most epic stunner yet. A rogue Saudi Arabian prince, disgusted by the royal family’s profligate ways, plans a coup d’etat. He surreptitiously enlists the help of the French, who appoint Le Chasseur (the Hunter) to do the dirty work. Assisting him will be the world’s most wanted terrorist, HAMAS’s Ravi Rashood, arch-enemy of the United States.

With the French and Muslim fanatics on the verge of controlling Saudi oil, and the world economy and oil industry nearing collapse, America must act. Admiral (Ret.) Arnold Morgan faces an unparalleled challenge, not to mention mounting international opposition, as he marshals the forces to discipline a wayward &#8220ally&#8221 and crush the terrorist menace. Failure is not an option.


The world’s leading producer of oil is on the brink of revolution…

A Crown Prince, enraged over the careless, destructive rule of the Saudi royal family, is determined to bring about its fall — and secretly enlists the aid of a powerful Western ally. France, with its fleet of lethal Hunter Killer submarines, is willing to use whatever deadly force is necessary to shift the power structure of the world’s oil giant for a guaranteed share of the wealth. Blind greed and duplicity have forged an unholy alliance — between France’s most able commander . . . and General Ravi Rashood, the Middle East’s most virulent terrorist.

The terrifying battle for a desert kingdom has begun, as the oil fields explode and the global economy is plunged into chaos. And former Security Advisor to the President, Admiral Arnold Morgan, must lead the offensive to expose the foulest treachery since World War II before America’s worst nightmare becomes reality.

>hr<“Talk about ‘ripped from the headlines’: bestseller Robinson’s latest international political thriller reads like the evening news on speed. … The many characters come across as real people caught up in a frightening scenario—one that’s perhaps a bit too close to reality to make this novel completely comfortable as escapist fiction.”

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