In a Dark House


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An abandoned Southwark warehouse burns next door to a women’s shelter for victims of spousal abuse. Within it lies the charred corpse of a female body burned beyond all recognition. At the same time, workers at Guy’s Hospital anxiously discuss the disappearance of a hospital administrator — a beautiful, emotionally fragile young woman who’s vanished without a trace.

And in an old, dark, rambling London house, nine-year-old
Harriet’s awful fears won’t be silenced — as she worries about her
feuding parents, her schoolwork . . . and the strange woman who
is her only companion in this scary, unfamiliar place.Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid — lovers and former partners — have their own pressing concerns. But they must put aside private matters to investigate these disturbing cases. Yet neither Gemma nor Duncan realize how closely the cases are connected — or how important their resolutions will be for an abducted young child who is frightened, alone . . . and in serious peril.

“Crombie has laid claim to the literary territory of moody psychological suspense owned by P.D. James and Barbara Vine.” “Crombie…has evolved into a masterful novelist.” “A master of the modern British mystery…one writer who gets better with every book.” “Rich and complex.” “A defiinite recomendation for fans of Elizabeth george, P.D. James and Ruth Rendell.” “Crombie keeps this series on its toes with her smooth procedural techniques and engagingly eccentric characters.” “An uncanny affinity for the English detective genre…Her characters are three-dimensional and are drawn with compassion and sensitivity.” Crombie’s steady hand drives teh story–and the likable Kincaid and james–safely home again. “…interesting and attractive characters…” “As always, Ms. Crombie peoples her novel with well-drawn, interesting characters. In this dark house, the author’s light shines brightly.

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