Lost Tribe

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Funny, raw, dark, sometimes outrageous, the twenty-five contributors to Lost Tribe explore themes such as conflicted identities, sexual fetishes, religious intolerance, and even the troubled legacy of the Holocaust to create a stirring picture of contemporary Jewish life. Lost Tribe features stories and commentary from a brilliant mixture of critically acclaimed and emerging writers.

Steve Almond
Aimee Bender
Gabriel Brownstein
Judy Budnitz
Nathan Englander
Jonathan Safran Foer
Myla Goldberg
Ehud Havazelet
Dara Horn
Rachel Kadish
Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer
Binnie Kirshenbaum
Joan Leegant
Michael Lowenthal
Ellen Miller
Tova Mirvis
Peter Orner
Jon Papernick
Nelly Reifler
Ben Schrank
Suzan Sherman
Gary Shteyngart
Aryeh Lev Stollman
Ellen Umansky
Simone Zelitch

“An anthology as ambitious as it is important…offers a glimpse of the new generation of American Jewish writers. ” “Read at your own risk–and great reward.” “Where Jewish literature and its youngest brightest practitioners are heading–and to capture them between covers.” I highly recommend this collection of fiction…(Lost Tribe) reflects the lives and struggles of all Americans today. …a selection of stories by writers of the “post-Philip Roth generation.” …features tales of sexuality, remembrance, and mysticism…

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