My Friend Flicka

My Friend Flicka

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A timeless favorite of adults and children alike, this resides in &#8220that borderland where some of the best-loved books in the English tongue hold their immortality.&#8221—New York Herald Tribune

Set on the Goose Bar Ranch in Wyoming—with its dramatic landscapes, its wild beauty, and its overwhelming spaciousness—this is the simple, moving story of Ken McLaughlin, and his chesnut filly, Flicka.

Ken, a daydreamer and chronic time-waster is an enigma to his brusque, practical father. And although his mother is filled with sympathy for the boy, she is powerless to bring father and son closer together. Ken’s fierce devotion to Flicka will at one point nearly cost him his life. But it is this same devotion that eventually causes the boy to assume the responsibilities of growing up, and he finally wins his father’s acceptance.

The classic story of an aimless teenager, a demanding father,
and aspirited horse — now a major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox

A daydreamer and a time waster, young Ken McLaughlin spends his days on his family’s Wyoming ranch with his head in the clouds, surrounded by endless blue skies, wide-open spaces, and beautiful horses. To his brusque, practical father, the boy is an enigma and a disappointment. Then one day, Ken’s life is filled with new purpose when he finds Flicka, a magnificent filly as wild as she is fast. Though the strong bond between boy and horse only fuels his father’s disdain, Ken’s growing love for his friend Flicka is changing him — leading a once-aimless young man down the path to responsible adulthood, forging a new respect and understanding between father and son, and inspiring a fierce loyalty that nearly costs Ken his life.

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