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Death is the only exit ….Kelly Martin is a frightened teenage runaway who made ascandalous accusation, then vanished, leaving Los Angeles prosecutor Tessa Jacobi with a ticking time bomb of a case on her hands. When the investigation leads her to chic nightclubs, shadowy business deals and whispers of sexual slavery, Tessa understands that she’s out of her league. So she asks for help from a man whose contacts and experience can help her bring Kelly home.

Burned by the system in the past, private investigator LukeNovak plays by his own rules — and he’s not about to change them to accommodate a smart, classy blonde from the D.A.’s office. But when a killer strikes frighteningly close to home, Tessa has nowhere to turn — except to Luke. Because somewhere in a neon underworld, a young girl is running for her life. And Tessa is determined to get her out, even if it means placing her own life in the hands of a renegade she has no choice but to trust …

“Heather Lowell Kicks off her teriffic debut with a sexy, romantic suspense.” “[Heather] Lowell proves that talent can pass from one generation to the next.” “From page one, When The Storm Breaks announces itself as a romance for readers of the author’s generation.” “[Heather] Lowell has crafted a heroine whose verve mirrors her creator’s.” Lowell is back with another intense romantic thriller that is just as riveting and complex as the first. Definitely an author on the rise

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