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After going for more than a year without a date — a record in New York City — Marlowe Riddle has finally met a broodingly sexy, sharply intelligent man who is clearly interested in making more than polite conversation. The only problem: Joseph Kain is an NYPD detective clearly under the mistaken impression that Marlowe is a call girl.

But while Marlowe does take money for spending time with strangers in her expensive Upper West Side apartment, she’s a psychologist — not Manhattan’s answer to the Mayflower Madam! A fact she has no intention of telling Joe … at least not until she finishes her research project on the “Behavioral Effects of Disguising Identity.”

But Marlowe’s not the only one trying to secretively gain information … and it’s becoming increasingly unclear who is seducing whom. Because sometimes the only way to learn what a man really wants … is to get him on the couch.

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