Playing House

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A stunning debut from the newest author to join the ranks in Avon Trade Fiction, award-winning journalist Patricia Pearson

Frannie MacKenzie, a 30-something New Yorker, suspects she is pregnant when a rather unexpected bout of morning sickness occurs directly upon a sweater display at The Gap.

With nothing else to do but gestate, Frannie decides to deal with father- (but-not-husband-) to-be Calvin, an “experimental” musician. Frannie and Calvin embark on a very wild ride that involves tuna helper, maternity bra shopping, flying Barbies, and more than a few spoon-playing musicians. Oh, and along the way, they have a baby and fall in love.

“Hilarious. Pearson’s sophisticated storytelling is not only satirical but side-splitting.” “A love story for real people—people who understand that “happily ever after” must be taken one day at a time.” “Playing House plays the perils of parenthood like a Canuck road movie. It’s a trip.”

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