Right From the Start


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Right from the Start is the autobiography of Lord Roberts from his birth in 1930 up to the year 2000, told against the backdrop of his time and its leading personalities. Lord Roberts was the second son of a Nonconformist Minister and he rose from humble beginnings to become a life peer. His life was transformed by winning a scholarship to Harrow from where he entered National Service, receiving a posting to Vienna as a member of the Intelligence Corps during the Cold War.

Following a history scholarship at Oxford, Lord Roberts trained as a newspaper reporter and then entered the world of 1950s and 1960s television, bringing him into contact with leading personalities from the literary world, show-business and politics. He entered politics in 1970 as a Conservative MP, starting a career in the House of Commons lasting 27 years, rising through the ranks to a Shadow front-bench post under the Heath administration, remaining on the Conservative front bench until his retirement in 1994.

Lord Roberts served under four successive Secretaries of State for Wales and was a prime mover behind the 1993 Welsh Language Act. He was made a life peer in 1997 and is still active in the House of Lords.
In the Beginning . . .
A Child’s War
Chance of a Lifetime
London, Spring 1944
Four Years On
A Very Cold War
Vienna, 1949
Oxford Blues
Mersey Beat
The Beeb
Tele Wele Wales
The Switch
To Westminster, 1970
Noise of Battle
Child Harold and Sunny Jim
The 1979 Election
Sea of Troubles
Walking the Plank
A Friend Falls
Devils Rampant
Home and Abroad
Towards a Third Term
Walker’s Way
Around the World
Open Road
A Funny Old World
Major in Charge
Black and White Wednesday
East and West
Going, Going . . .
Summer Clouds
The Sleazy Life
Time for Change
Issues Revisited
Loose Ends

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