Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day

Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day


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The former Republican congressman and now host of MSNBC’s &#8220Scarborough Country&#8221 wittily presents The Real Deal—that Democrats and Republicans are indistinguishable: equally adept at pillaging and pork-barrelling your tax dollars—and he offers some solutions to the problem

They get themselves elected as &#8220Washington outsiders&#8221— Barbarians at the Gate. Once inside, however, these Vandals and Visigoths swiftly shed their pelts, don their togas, and heartily set about the business-as-usual of Our Perpetual Imperial Congress—fiddling while your tax dollars burn. Meanwhile, a Republican president and self-proclaimed conservative, George W. Bush, while mooning over Mars, has grown the federal government by a staggering 10.5% (Bill Clinton exited office at a disgraceful 3.4%). Welcome to the Orwellian &#8220Animal Farm&#8221-world of U.S. politics, as only Joe Scarborough can explain it from his unique perspective inside &#8220Scarborough Country.&#8221

From his unseating of an entrenched Democratic congressman in 1994 as part of the Gingrich Revolution, to his leadership role in the overthrow of Gingrich himself, to his rise as one of America’s most respected and entertaining political and cultural commentators as host of MSNBC’s top-rated &#8220Scarborough Country,&#8221 Joe Scarborough has consistently surprised friend and foe alike. Is he a conservative? Most certainly. Is he a Republican? Yes. Does that mean that the president, his oil-cabal cronies, and other false claimants to conservatism should get a pass? Certainly not.

In Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day, Scarborough recounts his own political awakening within the Imperial Congress; provides profound and shocking insight into what is really happening inside Washington today; and offers solutions to our present dilemma that will appeal to all intelligent readers — be they conservatives, liberals, libertarians, or folks just plain fed up with all the labels and all the lies.


Who are the political barbarians bankrupting America — Democrats or Republicans? Where are taxpayers’ dollars really going? Joe Scarborough gives you the inside scoop on how Washington really works and on the out-of-control deficit spending that takes place in our nation’s capital each and every day.

Joe Scarborough, former Republican congressman and current host of MSNBC’s top-rated Scarborough Country, takes you behind the closed doors of Congress and wittily presents the reasons why Democrats and Republicans are alike when it comes to squandering taxpayer dollars.

As part of the Gingrich Republican Revolution, he witnessed the principles of fiscal responsibility get buried in the political swamp of Washington. Now Scarborough offers profound solutions on how excessive government spending by politicians of all stripes can be minimized, and how the Repub-lican Party can be called back to the principles that President Ronald Reagan made famous.>hrhrhr<“Scarborough pulls no punches.”

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