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Six Generations Here: A Farm Family Remembers
by Marjorie L. McLellan, with an essay by Kathleen Neils Conzen and a foreword by Dan Freas

Discover the story of the Krueger family, as images of farm, family, and landscape reveal the struggles of rural immigrant life in Wisconsin. Drawing on snapshots, memorabilia, and interviews, Six Generations Here brings together the voices of the past and the present to create a distinctive portrait of Wisconsin farm life.
Leaving their German home in 1851, the Kruegers came to America for economic opportunity. But like other immigrant families, they struggled to make ends meet. Only with the whole family helping out did they manage to get their Watertown farm up and running. By the turn of the century, they had achieved a life of middle-class comfort in the midst of the rigors of dairy farming. Over the generations, the Kruegers incorporated their past traditions with the needs of the present, adapting to the challenges of rural American life and, when necessary, breaking from the past. Despite these changes, their commitment to hard work and family persisted, shaped their identity, and ensured their success.
Through photographs, documents, and family stories, the Kruegers left a deep history of who they were and how they sought to be remembered. Follow their family through six generations as they compile a rich and varied record of Wisconsin life.
Six Generations Here is a unique collection of words and photographs taken across the first half of the 20th century by Wisconsin dairy farmer Alexander Krueger and his descendants. The Kruegers turned the camera lens on their Dodge County farm, its environs, their family, and the networks of kin that framed their lives. Their photographs and family stories comprise a unique record not only of who the Kruegers were but also of how they sought to be remembered.

Marjorie L. McLellan is associate professor of History and American Studies at Miami University, Middletown, Ohio. With George A. Talbot and the staff of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, she researched and produced the NEH-funded exhibit "Six Generations Here . . . A Family Remembers" (1982).

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