Taking on the World’s Repressive Regimes

Taking on the World’s Repressive Regimes

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This is a study of the Ford Foundation’s support and of funding of human rights projects and NGOs, illuminating its extraordinary role in helping undermine and destroy major repressive authoritarian and totalitarian regimes during the latter part of the twentieth century.
William Korey is a human rights scholar who has taught at various schools, including Columbia University, Brooklyn College, and Yeshiva University.

“Bill Korey is one of the great scholars and practitioners of human rights issues in the world. His analysis of the Ford Foundation’s international human rights activities is a great contribution to understanding human rights in the last half-century and the critical importance of private organizations like the Ford Foundation.”
–Congressman Tom Lantos, Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affairs
“A brilliant, creative, and penetrating analytical achievement! Dr. Korey captures for the first time the extraordinary and extensive human rights work of the Ford Foundation. At the same time, he explores the world of repression and how human rights organizations, funded by the foundation, have responded. It is a remarkable story told by a master.”