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Legally, a corporation is a person, so why shouldn’t they be able to adopt a child?
Fourteen year old Jaiden’s family is a corporation and his home is an office building. When his parents are killed in an accident caused by a faulty piece of equipment manufactured by NECorp, the company adopts him and raises him in its headquarters. Now as a teenager, Jaiden, is longing for a normal life—attending high school, living in a house, having a girlfriend—and is starting to rebel in search of it.
With the help of his new friend, Jenny, he uncovers some disturbing and scandalous information about NECorp and must make the tough decision to stay loyal to his “family” or to follow his instincts.
Jaiden’s funny and fresh voice makes this a quick, enjoyable read and the suspenseful plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

“*Starred Review* Teen, Inc. has a dynamic main character with an authentic voice. It’s a page-turning adventure that sheds light on ethical dilemmas and matters of character and trust. This fresh take is to the corporate world what Gordon Korman’s Son of the Mob is to organized crime: humorous and poignant, drawing in readers, reluctant or otherwise.” —School Library Journal“Petrucha kicks the action into high gear that matches the heady economics and social engineering premises, as Jaiden and his young friend take on the corporate giant. Witty and provocative without being preachy, this novel has both daring characters and a heady plot.” —Booklist

STEFAN PETRUCHA is the author of over 100 young adult novels, graphic novels, and comic books, including the TimeTripper series (Razorbill), the Nancy Drew graphic novels (Papercutz), and the upcoming Wicked Dead series (Harper). He lives in Amherst, MA and his Web site is www.petrucha.com.

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