The Bible with Sources Revealed

The Bible with Sources Revealed


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One of the World’s Foremost Bible Experts Offers a Groundbreaking Presentation of the Five Books of Moses

In The Bible with Sources Revealed, Richard Elliott Friedman offers a new, visual presentation of the Five Books of Moses — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy — unlocking the complex and fascinating tapestry of their origins. Different colors and type styles allow readers to easily identify each of the distinct sources, showcasing Friedman’s highly acclaimed and dynamic translation.

“An amazing work. It makes the theory of the Bible’s origins available to all in a clear and concise way.” “Friedman’s The Bible with Sources Revealed is a paradigm of accessible scholarship of the highest order.” “A fundamental resource for understanding what the Hebrew Bible is all about.” “A succinct, lucid, detailed exposition and defense of the classic Documentary Hypothesis–a highly useful resource.” “A volume indispensable for study in Biblical history. No one can really understand the Bible’s composition without consulting this work.” “An important and useful volume which should be on the book shelf of every serious student of the Bible.” “Very highly recommended.”

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