The Covenant Rising

The Covenant Rising


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In a land where magic defines the social order, the ruling tyrants alone control the most powerful sorcery …

One of the last of a massacred race of warriors — an unparalleled swordsman magically afflicted by spells of blind, uncontrollable rage — Reeth Caldason wanders Bhealfa seeking vengeance … and freedom from his strange malady. Now word has come from a sorcerer’s apprentice of a mysterious Covenant in the capital city, a secretive society that may provide the escape Reeth desires. But forming an uneasy alliance with the youthful messenger could ultimately prove disastrous — for the road they musttravel together leads into the sordid heart of a perilous conspiracy of treachery, tyranny, necromancy, and death.

“A suitably complex and nicely written new fantasy series… Good sword and sorcery…An enjoyable journey, so far.”

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