The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye


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When a down-on-his-luck attorney gets mixed up with a gorgeous singer with a secret past, it results in a volatile tale of love, betrayal and murder in the tradition of Richard North Paterson and other bestselling authors.

Jack Hammond is a man haunted by the sins of his past. Once a member of a white-shoe law firm, he lost his once-promising career because of a transgression with a beautiful female client. Now he works out of a seedy office in downtown Atlanta. The only income he can count on is as the court-appointed attorney to the dregs of the court system. When his friend-a former addict and computer whiz who’d turned his life around-is found dead in his apartment with a syringe stuck in his arm, Jack knows there’s something very wrong. In his attempt to get to the bottom of Doug’s murder, Jack is drawn into the spellbinding world of a gorgeous black opera singer with whom Doug had been secretly in love.

As the story deepens, Hammond gets pulled into the worlds of high-tech, biological research, big business, and high society. Arvin pulls all these threads together in riveting fashion.

Reed Arvin’s new novel introduces an unforgettable hero whose flawed humanity and wry humour will keep readers rooting for him, and a fast-paced story with enough twists and turns to keep readers turning the pages.

“Arvin’s writing is delightfully sardonic . . . you’ll be hooked.” “. . . breathlessly entertaining . . . as irresistible as a call from the grave for revenge.” “Arvin…combin[es] an array of supporting characters who colorfully illustrate the racial and economic divide of the new Atlanta…” “As the suspense comes to a boil, so do the hero’s feelings for his dead buddy’s troubled girlfriend.” “. . . smoldering . . . vigorous and jet-propelled . . . an exceptionally clever mystery.” “A mesmerizing thriller …readers who value intelligence, fine writing and action will find it all in this outstanding novel.” “Love, sex, money, power, and violence in an irresistibly melancholy noir package.” “On par with the early works of Grisham, this thriller is enlivened with sparkling dialogue and deft descriptions of place.” “Compelling…[the] characters are …fully fleshed out and believable…The Will could be the beginning of an impressive career.”

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