The Middle Mind

The Middle Mind

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Acclaimed social critic Curtis White describes an all-encompassing and little-noticed force taking over our culture and our lives that he calls the Middle Mind: the current failure of the American imagination in the media, politics, education, art, technology, and religion. Irreverent, provocative, and far-reaching, White presents a clear vision of this dangerous mindset that threatens America’s intellectual and cultural freedoms, concluding with an imperative to reawaken and unleash the once powerful American imagination.

The Middle Mind is pragmatic, plainspoken, populist, contemptuous of the Right’s narrowness, and incredulous before the Left’s convolutions. It wants to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and has bought an SUV with the intent of visiting it. It even understands in some indistinct way how that very SUV spells the Arctic’s doom.

“A splendidly cranky academic.” “The Middle Mind is a strong, knowledgeable, entertaining (and imaginative!) argument” “Cogent, acute, beautiful, merciless, and true.” “Curt White gives name to an ugly soul-killer already in our midst.” “A sharp, erudite and witty text that… could help set our country on a path to a saner future.” “The trouble with “Middle Mind” is that it neutralizes genuinely useful insights that don’t look like anything instantly recognizable.” “The most inspiringly wicked social critic of the moment. “ “A serious effort to understand a serious problem and should find a prominent place in every American library.” “Hot diatribe.”

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