The Polished Hoe

The Polished Hoe


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When Mary-Mathilda, one of the most respected women of the island of Bimshire (also known as Barbados) calls the police to confess to a crime, the result is a shattering all-night vigil that brings together elements of the island’s African past and the tragic legacy of colonialism in one epic sweep.

Set in the West Indies in the period following World War II, The Polished Hoe — an Essence bestseller and a Washington Post Book World Most Worthy Book of 2003 — unravels over the course of twenty-four hours but spans the collective experience of a society characterized by slavery.

“The beauty of the novel…lies in the poetry of its telling and the marvelous voice of Mary-Mathilda…a marvelous creation. It bubbles with the voices of a now-vast literature of the African diaspora.” “Lyrical…seductive…hypnotic….In this politically engaged novel, we are reminded that when it comes to colonialism, one never comes to any sort of final understanding.” “[An] eloquent, richly detailed novel . . . .[that] unfolds through brilliantly written dialogue.” “Clarke’s waltzing speech rhythms and sly humor, reminiscent of V. S. Naipaul…[contribute] to a Wagnerian crescendo.” “The story will captivate readers.” “Endlessly fascinating…creatively executed….[The Polished Hoe] is certain to be met with critical acclaim in the U.S.” “Uncommonly talented, Clarke sees deeply, and transmits his visions and perceptions so skillfully that reading him is an adventure.” “Magnificent. . . The Polished Hoe oozes unrequited love and seduction under duress.” “A well-crafted novel.” “If the literary gods are feeling fair, Clarke will now receive attention from U.S. readers.” “Mesmerizing….steeped in slavery, colonialism, and sexual exploitation.”

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