Transnational Feminism in Film and Media

Transnational Feminism in Film and Media


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This book opens up a new field at the intersections of transnational, feminist, and media studies.  The collection brings feminist theories to bear on the discourses of transnationality embedded in a range of recent films and video art from diverse locations in North Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Paying particular attention to new frontiers of migration, an increasing vigilance vis-à-vis the foreign, and the gendered and racialized representations of mobility, the book charts innovative feminist strategies for the interpretation of contemporary visual cultures.  This ambitious volume will be an important guide for scholars and students interested in approaching global media cultures from transnational feminist perspectives
Katarzyna Marciniak is Associate Professor of Transnational Studies in the English Department at Ohio University. Her current research focuses on the notion of “immigrant rage” in relation to feminist theory, migration studies, and global visual cultures. She is the author of Alienhood: Citizenship, Exile, and the Logic of Difference (2006). Anikó Imre is Assistant Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of Southern California. Her recent work revolves around globalization and post-communist media cultures in a comparative perspective. She is editor of East European Cinemas (2005). Áine O’Healy is Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Author of numerous articles and book chapters on contemporary Italian literature, film and cultural studies, she is currently completing a book on national identity, sexual difference, and discourses of the transnational in contemporary Italian cinema.

“For the impressive range of theoretical resources it draws on and, especially, the imaginative variety of new film texts it introduces and analyses, this volume is a very welcome contribution to the field of feminist film studies.”–Feminist ReviewTransnational Feminism in Film and Media is a collective project that contributes in an innovative and effective way to the important and unavoidable debate concerning the crossing of borders in a global world, where borders are not simply meant to be geographical, but are also increasingly being recognized as related to issues of gender, identity, citizenship, and belonging.  A great accomplishment of this book is to have put together two pressing contemporary disciplines, gender and media studies, and to have presented their relevance to the burgeoning concerns of transnationalism.”–Textual PracticeTransnational Feminism in Film and Media provides a solid introduction to topics of transnationalism, feminism, film and media studies (and is thus suitable as a textbook too) while at the same time often reframing familiar positions and perspectives, and reconsidering theoretical as well as pedagogical practices.”–Third Text“Transnational Feminism in Film and Media would serve as an excellent addition to any undergraduate film syllabus . . . Ultimately, this book should be read and engaged in multiple arenas, and its call to revalue and reexamine visual culture as a fundamental aspect of women’s studies should be taken seriously.”–Women’s Studies International Forum“The diversity of material here and the range of vantage points held by the amassed contributors is impressive, even unique. Although many are based in the U.S., they write from Hungarian, Turkish, British, Irish, Dutch, Swiss, Vietnamese, Polish, South Asian, and American perspectives. Among the strengths of the project are its attentiveness to a set of media texts that barely register within canonical film studies, its awareness of the new dynamics of transnational circulation, its exploration of the particular investments, pressures and exploitations endemic to globalization, and its interest in the conditions of representability for (among others) asylum seekers, domestic workers and sex-trafficked women in an era which has seen the broad feminization of migration. An engaging and necessary read.”–Diane Negra, University of East Anglia

“This collection of interdisiplinary essays examines current cinematic and media landscapes from the perspective of transnational feminist practices and methodologies, focusing on film, media art and video essay.”–The Times Higher Education Supplement

Introduction: Mapping Transnational Feminist Media Studies; Katarzyna Marciniak, Anikó Imre, and Ãine O’Healy
1. Screening Unlivable Lives: The Cinema of Borders; Bruce Bennett and Imogen Tyler
2. Border Traffic: Reimagining the Voyage to Italy; Ãine O’Healy
3. Cinema without Frontiers: Transnational Women’s Filmmaking in Iran and Turkey; Asuman Suner
4. Refusal of Reproduction: Paradoxes of Becoming-Woman in Transnational Moroccan Filmmaking; Patricia Pisters
5. ‘Enter Freely, and of Your Own Will’: Cinematic Representations of Post-Socialist Transnational Journeys; Alice Mihaela Bardan
6. Women’s Resistance Strategies in a High-Tech Multicultural Europe; Ginette Verstraete
7. Videographies of Navigating Geobodies; Ursula Biemann
8. ‘Affective Nationalism’ and Transnational Postcommunist Lesbian Visual Activism; Anikó Imre
9. Long-Legged Girls and the Transnational Circuits of Vietnamese Popular Culture; Lan Duong
10. Palatable Foreignness; Katarzyna Marciniak
11. Translating Silences: A Cinematic Encounter with Incommensurable Difference; Priya Jaikumar
12. The Abjection of Patriarchy: Ibolya Fekete’s Chico and the Transnational Feminist Imaginary; Marguerite Waller

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