Up in Honey’s Room

Up in Honey’s Room


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The odd thing about Walter Schoen, German born but now running a butcher shop in Detroit, he’s a dead ringer for Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS and the Gestapo. They even share the same birthday.

Honey Deal, Walter’s American wife, doesn’t know that Walter is a member of a spy ring that sends U.S. war production data to Germany and gives shelter to escaped German prisoners of war. But she’s tired of telling him jokes he doesn’t understand—it’s time to get a divorce.

Along comes Carl Webster, the hot kid of the Marshals Service. He’s looking for Jurgen Schrenk, a former Afrika Korps officer who escaped from a POW camp in Oklahoma. Carl’s pretty sure Walter’s involved with keeping Schrenk hidden, so Carl gets to know Honey, hoping she’ll take him to Walter. Carl then meets Vera Mezwa, the nifty Ukrainian head of the spy ring who’s better looking than Mata Hari, and her tricky lover Bohdan with the Buster Brown haircut and a sly way of killing.

Honey’s a free spirit; she likes the hot kid marshal and doesn’t much care that he’s married. But all Carl wants is to get Jurgen Schrenk without getting shot. And then there’s Otto—the Waffen-SS major who runs away with a nice Jewish girl. It’s Elmore Leonard’s world—gritty, funny, and full of surprises.

“Combines everything we love about Leonard’s works–big guns, morally clueless murderers, sexy dames and handsome lawmen. A masterpiece.” “When you read Elmore Leonard, you enter Mr. Leonard’s world. A trip like that is its own kind of vacation.” “Reading UP IN HONEY’S ROOM is like dancing with the stars and Elmore Leonard’s the star.” “Bullets fly, but as with most ELmore Leonard novels, things really move when the dialogue gets going. Grade A.” “Proof that (Leonard) is at the top of his game.” “The dialogue flows as fast and smooth as any words ever uttered in the service of a story.” “Elmore Leonard is still at the top of his game.” “It’s the cast of characters that makes readers keep turning the pages.” “Leonard’s writing–line by line–is as sharp as ever.” “With Dashiell Hammett-type wit (Leonard) has once again created characters who live far beyond their storylines.” “Honey Deal is hot, hot, hot. Classic Leonard.” “No American author has a better ear for dialogue. Leonard is as straight a shooter as his hot-kid hero.” “A best-selling bet. Dead-perfect dialogue, deadpan humor and dead-on vivid characters typical of Leonard.” “The wisecracks and sexy patter and vivid characters are what make Leonard a guy we’re always happy to see.” “The kind of delicious drama that will keep you coming back for more.” “A great summer read.” “UP IN HONEY’S ROOM is a fun read. Leonard’s gift for dialogue is as shiny as ever.” “As usual, (Elmore Leonard) tells his story in his flawlessly colloquial prose style, with pitch-perfect dialogue. “So compulsive, so entertaining, so satisfying. Dialogue as imaginative, unpredictable and witty as we have come to expect from Leonard.” “Action-packed and pricelessly funny.” “The pacing is fast. The dialogue is dead-on. This is vintage Leonard.”

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