Why Monkeys Live in Trees

Why Monkeys Live in Trees


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Inspired by traditional folktales from around the world, this volume in the Animal Stories for Bedtime series features fantastical, mesmerizing tales about how different animals from the jungle came to resemble the species that we know today.

Animal stories of the great outdoors have been told over generations, often around campfires in the dead of night. Many cultures throughout the world have used the wildlife around them in their rich heritage of storytelling. Whether set in the jungles, wildernesses, plains, or mountains of Africa, America, Asia, or Australia, the stories in this book go back a long way—now retold with new twists and turns for the bedtimes of today. This collection contains eight engaging stories including “How the Tiger Got Her Stripes,” “The Hyena’s Last Laugh,” and “When the Polar Bears Danced.” The stories mix humor, suspense, a few scares, and charming full-color artwork to irresistible effect.>hr
Martina Peluso studied printing at the Institute of Art in Naples. Based in Edinburgh, she has worked for many advertising and publishing companies.

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