A Geography of the Welsh Language, 1961-1991

A Geography of the Welsh Language, 1961-1991


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“. . . an important and comprehensive source of information on the Welsh language – yesterday, today and tomorrow. As such it should grace every library – public, private and educational – not only in Wales, but in neighbouring countries. Even casual reference to its contents should educate and help reduce ignorance and remove prejudice.” –Books in Wales

“. . . highly readable and very informative . . .” –Y Drych

“. . . provides thought-provoking material to those interested in language survival and revival. Linguists specialising in these areas, as well as in the Celtic languages in general, will wish to read this well-done and clear study of shifting tides in linguistic geography.” –Word

J. W. Aitchison, Gregynog Professor of Geography, Institute of Earth Studies, and Director of the International Centre for Protected Landscapes, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and Harold Carter, Former Gregynog Professor of Geography, now retired.

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