A Pair Like No Otha’

A Pair Like No Otha’


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From Hunter Hayes — one of the most exciting new voicesin African-American fiction — comes a moving, unforgettable novel of thebold and beautiful chances the heart makes you take.

Smart, sexy Shemone Waters didn’t let the very mean streets of Harlem drag her down. But Darnell Williams, her best friend from high school, made one critical mistake — and was sent to prison because of it.

Now, at twenty-nine, Shemone’s on the fast-track up — a columnist for a hot African-American mag — and she has little time for romance or danger. But Darnell is coming home to throw her carefully thought-out “ten-year plan” into chaos. Is he a new man … or just another ex-con back on the streets until another misstep puts him behind bars again? All Shemone knows is this bad boy makes her feel soooo good! And though following her heart could be the biggest mistake she’s ever made, this could be love, hot and real. And love’s the biggest risk of all …

>hr<“Just the right amount of attitude.”

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