A Scythe of Fire


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The men of the Eighth Georgia Infantry Regiment answered the Confederate call to arms in the spring of 1861. They fought hard in most major battles of the war, including Bull Run and Gettysburg, enduring heartbreaking losses and finally, at Appomattox, witnessing their ultimate defeat.

A Scythe of Fire tells the remarkable story of this regiment, which held together through long years of victory, defeat, and despair. The magnificent product of meticulous research, Warren Wilkinson and Steven E. Woodworth’s stirring chronicle brings the conflict alive through the eyes of the courageous men who fought and died on the nation’s battlefields. Based on personal accounts, diaries, letters, and other primary sources, A Scythe of Fire is the history of the Eighth Georgia as experienced by those who carried its standard into battle: doctors and farmers, landowners and simple folk — each dedicated to victory, yet proud and unbroken in the face of defeat. “A well-written, well-researched account.” “This is one of the best, possibly the very best, Civil War regimental histories ever written.” “A superior example of unit history, which provides an almost inexhaustible treasure trove for history buffs.” “Woodworth brings an intensely human face to this unit.” “A riveting account…It deserves a place on the shelf of every student of the Civil War.” “A tour-de-force…a masterful narrative steeped in the lore, life and times of those who dared and died…” “Escorts us to a rare front row seat on that endlessly fascinating drama that is our Civil War.” “Fascinating…follows the fortunes of a remarkable regiment of American soldiers through the fire and fury of the Civil War.” “A brilliantly written and carefully researched volume that provides a multifaceted look at the Eighth Georgia.” “So well written that it makes the reader want to follow the unit’s members through the war.”

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