An Identity for Europe

An Identity for Europe


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This book looks at the role of multiculturalism in the complex construction of the European Union, acknowledging the tension of creating a new political space for identities that are simultaneously national, regional, linguistic, and religious, and yet strive to encompass a political and geographic whole.  The author investigates the difficulty of conjugating the complex, pluralistic sense of belonging that individuals and groups in the EU experience in efforts to form a cohesive political identity, and one that is expressly European. 

Riva Kastoryano is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris.
“The process of European unification raises one set of difficulties for the self-understanding of nationals of the member-states: Are we citizens of country X, or Europeans?  The presence of minorities — whether indigenous or immigrant — creates further conundrums, for these relativize the status of the dominant group.  Add the question of whether Turkey is ‘European,’ and the dilemmas are legion.  This volume contributes context and perspective to the vexed debate over what ‘Europe’ is and where multiculturalism might fit into its future.  A valuable addition to a complex discussion.”– John Torpey, Professor of Sociology, City University of New York, Graduate Center

Foreword to the Second Edition–Riva Kastoryano * Introduction: A European Multiculturalism–Riva Kastoryano * Practionners of Europe–Marc Abélès * Communication and Europe: From Multiculturalism to Cultural Coexistence–Dominique Wolton * Against Euroculture–Yves Hersant * Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Boundaries–Joseph H.H. Weiler * Multiculturalism and the Right of Foreigners in the European Union–Virginie Guiraudon * New Frameworks of National Minority Rights in the European Union–Emmanuel Decaux * The European State–Jean-Marc Ferry * Nation, Democracy, and Identities in Europe–Didier Lapeyronnie * Projection of Europe: Space, Culture, and Boundaries–Rémy Leveau * Conclusion: Multiculturalism and Democracy–Guy Hermet

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