Big Red Barn


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Margaret Wise Brown’s simple, rhythmic text about the cycle of a day on a farm, where a family of animals peacefully plays and sleeps, has charmed generations of children.As in her classic Goodnight Moon, Brown engages children and helps settle them down for sleep as they follow along with the animals from morning to night in the barnyard.

In the barnyard there are roosters and cows, horses and goats, and a pink piglet who is learning to squeal. Felicia Bond’s atmospheric illustrations add to the tranquil simplicity of this gentle story.

Big Red Barn makes a lovely baby shower gift and is a wonderful addition to any preschooler’s library.

“If you want more from Goodnight Moon author Margaret Wise Brown, Big Red Barn is the book for you! Sharing a similar rhythm to Goodnight Moon, Brown takes us on a tour of a barn. As the sun begins to set, the animals begin to go to sleep.” “Brown’s melodic text is beguiling, while its subject—’the big red barn that houses a menagerie of animals and their offspring’—will have instant appeal to young children. Bond’s newly added drawings have a simplicity that suits the story. A welcome reprise.”

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