Black Townsmen

Black Townsmen


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This book is an innovative comparative study of persons of African origin and descent in two urban environments of the early modern Atlantic world.  The author follows these men and women as they struggle with slavery, negotiations of manumission, and efforts to adapt to a life in freedom, ultimately illustrating how their choices and actions placed them at the foreground of the development of Atlantic urban slavery and emancipation.
Mariana L. R. Dantas is Assistant Professor of History, Ohio University.

“Dantas’s Black Townsmen is a well-researched book on the enslaved and free population of colour in Baltimore and Sabará in the long eighteenth century, and will be of great comparative use to researchers working on urban African-Americans in the Americas.”–Silvia Espelt Bombín, Labour History Review 
“Mariana L.R. Dantas has provided a well-written and thoroughly researched comparative history of slavery and freedom in the eighteenth century. [She] has provided a much needed and welcomed addition to current work on urban slavery and the growth of independent free communities. Her attention to detail and commitment to comparative historical research makes her work a valuable model for future studies on the African Diaspora.”–Kali Nicole Gross, Slavery & Diaspora Studies
Introduction * Shaping Urban Space in Eighteenth-Century Minas Gerais and Maryland * The Slave Population in Baltimore and Sabará * The Urban Slave Labor Force * Manumission Practices and the Negotiation of Slave Labor * The Rise of the Free Urban Population and Labor Force of African Origin and Descent * Free Townspeople of African Origin and Descent * Conclusion

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