Dead Wrong


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Juggling a family and a career has never been easy for Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady. Now the impending birth of her second child only adds to her burden, especially when two brutal crimes fall under her jurisdiction.

A corpse is discovered in the Arizona desert with the fingers severed from both hands—the body of an ex-con who served twenty years for a murder he claimed not to remember. Soon after, one of Joanna’s female officers is savagely assaulted and left for dead while on an unauthorized stakeout. Since the victim is one of their own, the department directs the bulk of its resources toward finding her attacker. But the desert slaying haunts Joanna as well, and neither her pregnancy nor family concerns will keep her from doing her duty, no matter how perilous. Because justice must be served. And enforcing the law has become more than what Joanna Brady does—it’s what she is.

“Jance deftly combines personal and professional stories in this twelfth Brady mystery.” Praise for J.A. Jance: “Jance delivers a devilish page-turner.” “J.A. Jance does not disappoint her fans.” “Suspenseful, action-packed.” “Taut . . . entertaining.” “Credible and entertaining.”

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