Death by Deep Dish Pie

Death by Deep Dish Pie


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Like nearly everyone else in Paradise, Ohio, local laundromat owner and stain-removal expert Josie Toadfern eagerly awaits the upcoming July 4th Founders Day celebration with its highlight, the annual Breitenstrater Pie Company pie-eating content, sponsored by the owners of the town's upper curst enterprise. But things may not be so sweet this year, what with juicy rumors flying that a black sheep Breitenstrater wants to spill the beans about some deep, dark family secret. And when a pie-making bigwig suspiciously drops dead after sampling the company's latest wares, Josie leaps into action. She loves her teeny-weeny community, despite its blemishes—and any stain on its reputation must be eradicated! But if she sticks her thumb—or her nose—into this particular pastry, she's going to pull our more thank a plum…and she may end up getting her own lethal just desserts.

“Engaging…a tasty treat.” “[A] page-turning mystery.” “Sharon Short’s Josie Toadfern is wonderfully quirky.” “DEATH OF A DOMESTIC DIVA is an immaculate conception, and more importantly, good clean fun!”

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