Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine


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The essential collection on Eleanor of Aquitaine.
These twenty-one chapters by scholars in various fields provide a fresh context for understanding Eleanor of Aquitaine’s multi-faceted career and reputation. Her fame (and infamy) still fascinates us. She is a pivotal figure in the history of the twelfth century because of her lordly inheritance as well as the eminence–and political and diplomatic scope–of her marital rank as queen, first of France and then of England. Some essays in this collection reassess the often fragmentary historical information about her life, while others investigate her reputation in later literary and historical contexts.
Bonnie Wheeler is Director of the Medieval Studies Program at Southern Methodist University. She edits the journal Arthuriana as well as Palgrave’s New Middle Ages series.
John C. Parsons is the author of Eleanor of Castile and co-editor of Capetian Women.

Prologue: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lady and Lord by John Carmi Parsons and Bonnie Wheeler * Eleanor of Aquitaine Reconsidered: the Woman and Her Seasons–Elizabeth A.R. Brown * Queen Eleanor and Aquitaine, 1137-1189–Marie Hivergneaux * Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Reigns of her Sons Richard and John–Ralph V. Turner * Wife, Widow and Mother: Some Comparisons between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Noblewomen of the Anglo-Norman and Angevin World–RáGena C. DeAragon * Alianora Regina Anglorum: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Her Predecessors as Queens of England–Lois L. Huneycutt * Queenship: Office, Custom or Ad Hoc? The Case of Queen Matilda of England (1135-1152)–Heather J. Tanner * The Birth and Childhood of King John: Some Revisions–Andrew W. Lewis * A Taste of the Feast: Re-considering Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Female Descendants–Miriam Shadis & Constance Hoffman Berman * The Canon Law of Divorce in the mid-Twelfth Century: Louis VII c. Eleanor of Aquitaine–James A. Brundage * Eleanor’s Divorce from Louis VII: The Uses of Consanguinity–Constance Brittain Bouchard * The Reciprocal Loyalty of Eleanor of Aquitaine and William Marshal–Evelyn Mullally * Scandalizing Desire: Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Chroniclers–Peggy McCracken * Damned if She Didn’t and Damned When She Did: Bodies, Babies and Bastards in the Lives of Two Queens of France–John Carmi Parsons * Tempering Scandal: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Benoît de Sainte-Maure’s Roman de Troie–Tamara F. O’Callaghan * What Ever Happened to Eleanor? Reflections of Eleanor of Aquitaine in Wace’s Roman de Brut and Lawman’s Brut–Fiona Tolhurst * Marie de France, Aliénor d’Aquitaine, and the Alien Queen–Margaret Aziza Pappano * The Eleanor of Aquitaine Vase–George T. Beech * The Queen’s Choice: Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Tombs at Fontevraud–Kathleen Nolan * Fontevraud, Dynasticism, and Eleanor of Aquitaine–Charles T. Wood * Epilogue: Eleanor of Aquitaine and a “queenly court”?–Jane Martindale

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