Female Exiles in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Europe

Female Exiles in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Europe


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A number of historical events of the twentieth century gave rise to migration, immigration, and exile to and within the European continent. This collection represents an effort to raise consciousness about the marginalization of exiled women–artists, writers, political figures, as well as members of ethnic and religious minorities.
Gesa Zinn is Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Maureen Tobin Stanley is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

“The essays in this volume are significant in mapping out the gendered dimension of the exilic experience.  As such, they not only expand our understanding of exile as an interstitial reality, but also recuperate the inspired and inspiring lives and works of women who have been doubly marginalized, as both gendered and cultural ‘other’, from mainstream studies focused solely on men’s experiences.”–Nancy Vosburg, Professor of Modern Languages, Stetson University
Introduction–Maureen Tobin Stanley & Gesa Zinn * The Grammar of Contested Memory: The Representation of Exile in Selected Female-Authored Texts of Diaspora–Mary S. Vásquez * PART I: THE POLITICAL AND THE PERSONAL: HISTORY, WAR, AND RESISTANCE * Dolores Ibárruri, Pasionaria: Voice of the Anti-Franco Movement (1939-1975)–Mary Ann Dellinger * Female Voices of Resistance in Neus Català’s De la resistencia y la deportación: The Triumph of Life, Dignity and Solidarity during the Holocaust–Maureen Tobin Stanley * Off the Record: Voices of Ordinary Jewish Survivors of the Shoah–Marion Gerlind * PART II: LITERATURE AND THE ARTS * Dancing Out of Bounds: Valeska Gert in Berlin and New York–Sydney Jane Norton * A Gypsy in Exile: “Home” and “Nostalgia” in Creative Works by the Austrian Roma Ceija Stojka–Gesa Zinn * Passion and Participation: Motherhood and Exile in the Works of María Teresa León–María del Mar López-Cabrales * Wife, Whore, Witch: The Portrayal of Violence in the Works of Mercè Rodoreda–Victoria Ketz * The Four Free Walls of Paris: Nivaria Tejera’s Exiles in Espero la noche para soñarte, Revolución–María Hernández Ojeda * PART III: IMMIGRATION, INTEGRATION AND COMMUNITY: CULTURE AS ARTICULATED IN LANGUAGE, ON THE BODY, AND WITHIN SPACE * How to Eat Würstel: Two Generations of Female Shoah Exiles in London–Eva Eppler * Multiculturalism and Citizenship in the UK: The Case of Female Genital Mutilation–Anouk Guiné & Francisco Javier Moreno Fuentes * Rising above the Bottom of German Society: Reflections on Interviews with Female Roma Refugees from Former Yugoslavia–Monika Halpaap

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