Fire Lover


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On an October evening in South Pasadena, a horrifying wave of flame swept through a large home improvement center, snuffing out the lives of four innocent people, including a two-year-old boy. Firefighters rushed to the scene, even as a pair of equally suspicious fires broke out in two nearby stores. Silently watching the raging inferno in the midst of the heat, smoke, and chaos was a man respected as one of California’s foremost arson investigators, a captain in the Glendale Fire Department …

From Joseph Wambaugh, the critically acclaimed,nationally bestselling author of The Onion Field, comes the astonishing true story of a nightmarish obsession — and the hunt for a brilliant psychopath who lived a double life filled with professional tributes and terrifying secrets.

PRAISE FOR FIRE LOVER: “…lines converge in a sock-’em-between-the-eyes revelation…A barn burner.”

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