Harnessing and Guiding Social Capital for Rural Development

Harnessing and Guiding Social Capital for Rural Development


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The book suggests that social capital is a feature of the community in terms of their norms, mutual trust, reciprocal obligations, and social networks.   When successful, development organizations can harness the social capital and embody it in village or community organizations and subsequently guide these organizations to participate and engage in collective action for poverty alleviation and enhancing community welfare.  For our in-depth case study, we utilize varied quantitative and qualitative research methods, including anthropological research and the use of control villages for comparison.  The authors also document the importance of understanding history and culture for the process of harnessing social capital.
Shahrukh Rafi Khan is Visiting Professor of Economics, Mount Holyoke College.  He has engaged in academic consulting for numerous international agencies including the UNDP and the World Bank. 

Sajid Kazmi is Coordinator Advocacy, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad.

Zeb Rifaqat is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz.




PART 1: HARNESSING AND GUIDING SOCIAL CAPITAL * Conceptual Issues: Harnessing and Guiding Social Capital * Empirical Applications of Social Capital: Growth, Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development * Harnessing and Guiding Social Capital in Pakistan * PART II: CASE STUDY: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (HDF), PAKISTAN * Cultural Context * HDF Interventions * Social Mobilization * Health * Education * Field Update 2001 * Field Update 2006 * Summary and Conclusion * PART III: HARNESS SOCIAL CAPITAL: MANUAL FOR THE FIELD RESEARCHER * Planning a Field Study to Assess the Role of Harnessing Social Capital for Rural Development