Her Sister’s Eye


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‘… always remember where you’re from … ‘To the Aboriginal Famililes of Mundra this saying brings either comfort or pain. To Nana Vida it is what binds the generations. To the unwilling savant Archie Corella it portends a fate too cruel to name. For Sophie Salte, whose woman’s body and child’s mind make her easy prey, nothing matters while her sister Murilla is there to watch over her.For Murilla, fierce protector and unlikely friend to Caroline Drysdale, wife of the town patriarch, what matters is survival. In a town with a history of vigilante raids, missing persons and unsolved murders, survival can be all that matters.The stories – of the camp, the boy and his snake, the shooting – told and passed on, offer a release from the horrors of our past. As Nana Vida says, “That’s the story. I let it go now”.

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