Investing in Early Childhood Development

Investing in Early Childhood Development


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The national movement toward massive expansion of early childhood education and development has evolved into individual state-by-state initiatives. Contributors set forth the evidence that will encourage states to take up this cause, provide advocates with the information they will need to make their case, and guide states and advocates in building a public and political will for change. Great advancements in the sciences of child development and brain development have provided a whole new foundation of thought regarding early childhood programs (preschooling) for 3- and 4-year-olds. The eleven chapters are organized into three sections: I, The Science; II, Early Childhood Intervention Programs; III, Social Action and Public Policy Issues. An inspiring read that is also serious and instructive.

psychologists, teachers, and education professors and policymakers.
Alvin R. Tarlov, MD, is Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago and formerly with Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University. Michelle Precourt Debbink is MD/PhD candidate, University of Michigan.

“This is a thorough yet concise overview of the evidence underlying current public and private efforts to enhance early care and education.  It will be especially valuable to those interested in using public policy to promote better early learning experiences and better development for young children.”—Edward L. Schor, MD, Vice President, The Commonwealth Fund

“Tarlov and Debbink have produced a gem! From the first chapter on the neuroscience of development, the authors have provided a very readable, evidence based book that is timely and important. Forty years after Head Start was launched, it is time that we all acted as parents, grandparents, citizens at the local, state and national levels to apply what has been learned about the benefits of early childhood education to individuals throughout their lifetime, to families, to schools, employers, taxpayers and communities throughout the country. Today there is no better source of information on the subject, from basic neuroscience and effective early childhood programs to statewide efforts. This is a must read.”—Philip R. Lee, MD, Professor Emeritus of Social Medicine, Stanford University; formerly Assistant Secretary for Health, US Dept. HHS 1965-69 and 1993-1997

“This book, edited by Tarlov and Debbink, is an excellent summary of the evidence about brain development in the early years of life and the effects on health, learning, and behavior throughout life.  The story of The Texas Plan for early child development programs illustrates how communities can take steps to develop quality early child development programs.”—J. Fraser Mustard, MD, Founder of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Investing in Early Childhood Development is an excellent resource for policymakers, educators, and advocates of ECDE programs, as well as others who want to learn more about the field.”  –Richard Sawyer, PhD, Educational Horizons 

PART I: THE SCIENCE * Building Brain Architecture: A Primer for Policy Makers–Pat Levitt * National Scientific Council on the Developing Child: Working Papers–National Scientific Council * The Production of Human Development and Health–Alvin R. Tarlov * PART II: EARLY CHILDHOOD INTERVENTION PROGRAMS * Effective Early Childhood Programs: Turning Knowledge into Action–Susan Landry * Learning from Others: State Efforts to Expand Services and Build Systems of Early Care and Education–Kristie Kauerz * North Carolina’s Early Childhood Initiative: The Smart Story and Its Evaluation–Donna Bryant * The Texas Plan–Kay M. Albrecht, Kaitlin G. Guthrow, Alvin R. Tarlov, James D. Calaway, Michelle Precourt Debbink, Todd Litton, Carol Shattuck, Karen Johnson, Jason Sabo, Thomas McIntire, James Strickland, Sandi Borden, Nancy Pechacek Hard, Sandra Lamm, Elizabeth Plaster & Shona Neigut * PART III: SOCIAL ACTION AND PUBLIC POLICY ISSUES * Interventions to Enhance Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE): Potential, Limitations, and Requirements–Alvin R. Tarlov * Demographic and Related Economic Transformations of Texas: Implications for Early Childhood Development and Education–Steve H. Murdock * Can Society Profit from Investing in Early Education Programs?–Greg J. Duncan and Katherine Magnuson * Financing Early Childhood Care and Education Systems: A Standards-Based Approach–Anne Mitchell and Louise Stoney * Communications Research: Framing Messages for Early Childhood Development and Education–Susan Nall Balls

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