It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You


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Comfortably ensconced in their late great-uncle’s “Grace and Favor” mansion, brother and sister Robert and Lily Brewster are riding out the Depression, penniless but in high style. Now a new day is heralded by Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration. Barely recovered from his trip to Washington to witness the historic event, Robert is rushed by Lily to a nearby nursing home, where the Brewsters have agreed to lend a helping hand to the staff.

But when an elderly resident is murdered in his bed, Robert and Lily realize the local police will need their able assistance as well — especially since the slaying isn’t the only big trouble in tiny Voorburg. The spring thaw hasrevealed another body, and the Brewster siblings must expose acold-blooded criminal before he — or she — kills again.

“Irresistible.” “A refreshing answer to the spate of female-yet-macho detectives proliferating in the world of crime.” “It will leave you feeling a little better about human nature.”

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