Journal Therapy for Overcoming Burnout

Journal Therapy for Overcoming Burnout


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This 366-day journal presents research-backed therapeutic writing prompts and accessible advice to understand, cope with, and manage burnout.

In our increasingly busy world, burnout has become more common. Described as a collection of symptoms that arise from chronic work-related stress, burnout can reduce productivity, and leave you feeling exhausted, cynical, and alienated from others. In this new addition to the Journal Therapy series, Kathleen Adams and a team of fellow psychotherapists draw from clinical experience to create daily writing prompts to support those experiencing burnout. The journal's programmatic approach helps you build skills and take actionable steps to feel better. Restorative exercises, prompts that facilitate mindset shifts, and calls to observe your emotions provide guidance and empower you to care for your mental well-being.>hrhrJournal Therapy for Calming Anxiety, the New York Times bestselling Journal to the Self, and 12 other books. Kathleen has won five national awards for her distinguished service to the field, including the Morris Morrison Education Award for excellence and innovation in standards-based training. Website:

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