Lost Lake

Lost Lake


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On a summer night in Portland, Oregon, violence erupts at a Little League game — and attorney Ami Vergano watches in horror as the quiet, gentle artist she recently befriended does the unexpected and unthinkable . . .

In a cheap motel room in Washington, D.C., Vanessa Kohler — ex-mental patient, supermarket tabloid reporter, and estranged daughter of a powerful general running for president — views a news broadcast of the bizarre incident and believes she’s found the only witness to a deadly conspiracy.

Caught between a possible madwoman and a confessed mass murderer, between reality and delusion, Ami races to unearth the terrible truth about dark events that may or may never have happened twenty years earlier in a secluded cabin on Lost Lake.

“Lively … the pacing is brisk, the plot cinematic.” “A powerhouse thriller…a relentless gripper … [that] never loses its fiendish hold on the reader’s attention.” “Frighteningly plausible…a page turner.” “The suspense [is] high … surprises keep coming … a labyrinthine plot built on twists and surprises.” “Delivers the goods, with plenty of action, suspense, and danger.” “Margolin’s eleventh may be his best, with everything a thriller should have.”

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