Modernism from the Margins

Modernism from the Margins


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Modernism from the Margins is an accessible and challenging account of the 1930s writing of two of the most popular authors of the time. Locating the work of Louis MacNeice and Dylan Thomas historically, the book questions standard accounts of the period as Auden-dominated and offers an inclusive and theoretical account of the engagement of both writers with the varieties of Modernism. It is the first reading at length of either MacNeice’s or Thomas’s work in the light of literary theory, and one of only a handful of texts to look at the writing of the 1930s in these terms.

This book is an important contribution to contemporary discussions of both of these writers, and of the general issues of modernism, postmodernism, literary identity, and cultural identity it raises. 

Chris Wigginton is head of the School of English and Communication, Trinity College, Carmarthen.

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