Nationalism in International Relations

Nationalism in International Relations


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Nationalism in International Relations analyzes how the politics of national identity and incompletely realized nation-states influence conflict between states within the international system.  While scholars have traditionally focused on political institutions and power politics in their analysis of conflict patterns around the globe, this work examines the explosive role that ethnonational demographic patterns frequently play in promoting interstate distrust, tension, and occasional bloodshed.  Employing quantitative analysis and focused case studies, Nationalism in International Studies makes the case for an understanding of regional security politics in many of the world’s most contentious hotspots that both transcends and supplements traditional realist and liberal scholarship.
Douglas Woodwell is an Assistant Professor at the University of Indianapolis and a former lecturer for the Yale Center for International and Area Studies.  He has published articles for the World Bank and International Studies Quarterly.
“This book displays an erudite mind addressing problems of nationalism, with a strong grasp of foreign policy process, sophisticated analytical skills, and a fine attention to the details of significant historical cases.  It adds much to our understanding of nationalism and international conflict, setting it within a strong tradition of research but very creatively going beyond that tradition.”

–Bruce Russett, Dean Acheson Professor of International Relations, Yale University       

Introduction * Nationality, Nation, and Ethnicity * Sovereignty and Self-Determination: Conflicting Norms as the Basis for International Conflict * The Determinants of Aggresive Behavior in Irredentist-Type Situations * Empirical Assessment * Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya * India, Pakistan, and China * Greece and Turkey * Conclusions and Implications

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