One-Night Stands with American History (Revised and Updated Edition)

One-Night Stands with American History (Revised and Updated Edition)


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Respect yourself in the morning — read One-Night Stands with American History!This collection of little-known facts and anecdotes is American history with the boring parts left out. Richard Shenkman and Kurt Reiger have uncovered numerous stories about hoaxes, inventions, secrets, and rare incidents — many involving the most famous and powerful people in America.

President U. S. Grant was arrested for speeding in his horse carriage.

J. Edgar Hoover refused to allow people to walk on his shadow.

France shipped Louisiana twenty-five prostitutes because women were in short supply in 1721.

H. L. Hunt won his first oil well in a game of five-card stud.

Even historians find that One-Night Stands with American History features fascinating stories they never knew. Now updated with facts and anecdotes from the last twenty years, this volume is a treasure trove of remarkable stories that will startle, entertain, and inform you. And the best part is that they’re all true!

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