Opera House Lottery

Opera House Lottery


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In this frank account Nicholas Crickhowell relates the full and controversial inside story of the rise and fall of the Cardiff Opera House, a tale of intrigue, double-dealing and back-stabbing, and waste of lottery money. The book explores how it was that an organization which included Michael Heseltine and Virginia Bottomley could have failed to rise to the occasion, and explains how the conduct of prominent political personalities in Cardiff and the attitude of the press contributed to the disaster.
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List of Principal Players
1. The Dream
2. The Competition
3. The Trustees’ Choice
4. The Presentations
5. The Appointment
6. Zaha Hadid
7. Preparing the Bid
8. Design and Development
9. The Design
10. Rejection
11. A Decision without Merit
12. The Museum Proposal
13. The Ides of March
14. The Press and Public Relations
15. A Lack of Vision
16. Postscript: Wales Millennium Centre

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