Proof Positive

Proof Positive


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Defense attorney Doug Weaver believes his client, Jacob Cohen, is innocent—but the forensic evidence proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the meek, mentally ill homeless man killed and dismembered a woman . . .

Hired to defend gangster Art Prochaska against charges that he murdered an informer, lawyer Amanda Jaffe and her father, Frank, have their work cut out for them—because, as improbable as it seems, the forensic clues scream that Prochaska is guilty . . .

And now people are dying inexplicably—as Amanda and Doug join forces to find answers hidden somewhere in the darkest corners of crime scene investigation, where a god-playing madman holds the lethal power to alter the truth.

“The author …. ties the many plot lines together with enough clever twists to satisfy faithful fans and newcomers.” “A fast-moving plot … The increasing popularity [of] CSI … virtually guarantees this novel a wide and appreciative audience.” “Briskly paced, cleverly plotted, long-overdue switch on all those heroic forensic guys.”

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